Pitre Lab undergraduate researcher, Kaitlin Ashcraft, was recently highlighted by OSU News as this month's Senior Spotlight. The article highlights some of the research Kaitlin has accomplished throughout her time in the Pitre Lab, and how those experiences have prepared her for professional school. You can check out the full article here. Congratulations Kaitlin on all your accomplishments!

The Pitre Lab has recently been awarded a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) award. This grant is among NSF's most prestigious awards in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization. This grant will support the group's work on nucleophilic cobalt photocatalysis for the next five years. As part of this award, Spencer will also develop an annual undergraduate photochemistry workshop that will give students with limited access to research opportunities from across Oklahoma the chance to learn about photochemistry and its impact on the field of organic chemistry. More information on this award can be found here.

Congrats to the cobalt team and the rest of the Pitre Lab!

Congratulations to Prasadi and Mary on their recent publication in Organic Letters!! Their work demonstrates that 1,4-dihydropyridine anions can serve as a general platform for visible-light-mediated single-electron reductions. You can check out the article here.

Congratulations to John and Mayokun on their recent publication in Angewandte Chemie!! Their work leverages the unique reactivity of Vitamin B12 to photocatalyze the cyclopropanation of electron-deficient alkenes using dichloromethane as the methylene source. You can check out the article here.

Bailey, Mary, Kaitlin, Zane, and Megan all presented their projects at OSU's 2023 Undergraduate Research Symposoium yesterday. Great job everyone!

Congratulations to Prasadi on her recent publication in Green Chemistry!! Her work is a unique example of radical generation from 4-alkyl-dihydropyridines in the absence of a photocatalyst or oxidant. You can check out the article here.

Congratulations to Tarannum and Mayokun on their recent Synopsis article in the Journal of Organic Chemistry!! This Synopsis summarizes the recent progress in the field of catalytic EDA complex photochemistry. You can check out the article here.

Bailey, Kaitlin, and Mary all presented their research projects at OSU's Undergraduate Research Symposium today. Great job girls!

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