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Welcome to the Pitre Lab!

The central themes of our lab's research is the design and preparation of new classes of photocatalysts for organic synthesis, and the development of novel reactivity regimes in photoredox catalysis and radical chemistry.



  • New Publication in Green Chemistry New Publication in Green Chemistry
    09 Sep 2022

    Congratulations to Prasadi on her recent publication in Green Chemistry!! Her work is a unique example of radical generation from 4-alkyl-dihydropyridines in the absence of a photocatalyst or...

  • New Publication in Journal of Organic Chemistry New Publication in Journal of Organic Chemistry
    29 Jul 2022

    Congratulations to Tarannum and Mayokun on their recent Synopsis article in the Journal of Organic Chemistry!! This Synopsis summarizes the recent progress in the field of catalytic EDA complex...

  • Undergraduate Research Symposium Undergraduate Research Symposium
    19 Apr 2022

    Bailey, Kaitlin, and Mary all presented their research projects at OSU's Undergraduate Research Symposium today. Great job girls!